With No Fear of Retribution, What Journey Will Fraud and Corruption Take?

Blocking windows of the electoral office in Detroit

[Editor’s note: Follow up correspondence from G5.]

by G5

The Donkeys were the elite interests from their inception. The ghettos were the cheap and stupid fodder, used to maintain numbers, and control the Legislature and the massive unrelenting frauds, that is that history.

Military-Industrial, creating its own proxy enemies throughout the world. Big Agra, Big Pharma, and Big Tech joined The Usual Suspects, and the realities that could never be understood by the low information denied and manipulated.

There could never be an articulated juncture of the Bush, Carter, Clinton, and Obama Consortia being one and the same. No comprehension beyond the mythical Left-Right Paradigm. No comprehension of the International Drug Cartels. No comprehension of the Goering and Yamashita Affairs, The Ratline, and Paperclip Affairs. No comprehension of False Flags, Hoaxes, and Frauds repeatedly committed openly and blatantly. No comprehension of massive international currency and commodity frauds. The Intel Wars and the Food Wars (The Beirut Detonation), are as remote, as the fake education perpetrated on two generations, with the incessant propaganda of agendered media platforms.

Orange Inaction — A Message of Weakness

When the crowds were yelling; “Lock her up”, in 2016, he should have done it in 2017. Sack Comey, McCabe, Yates, and not appoint Sessions. Close Mueller, expose Crossfire Hurricane, Mid Term Exams, and The Clinton Foundation.

When she started flashing, Bill Blythe (WJC) and Barry Soetoro (Obama) Pardons, and Lou Alcindor (Eric Holder) and Elizabeth Carlisle (Loretta Lynch) Immunities, expose the Deep State Corruption Machine.

Orange was told repeatedly. He listened when we told him of the Crossfire Hurricane Trump Tower intercepts, and acted on the advice of evading. Then he began to switch off, as the years rolled. He would not have lost the House in 2018. And would have walked through the current affair.

He wanted to play statesman, when a kind-hearted Mafia boss, was what was required.

Eventually, he took the advice to clean out the Secret Service and the NSC. The latter after The Ukraine Affair that gave the lunatics enough audacity to attempt an impeachment.

The first one on the yardarm would have pulled them all in line.

Intel had to clean up after Hayden authorised the attempt on Melania in Scotland. Prior: it was the botched attempt surrounding HRC’s arrest on 11 September 2016. Several were lost in both engagements. They were badly managed.

The old Russian proverb: You can’t milk cow with hands in pockets’.

And of course, on the night of 8 November 2016, as I have written, and is still ahead of that curve a significant play occurred when Brennan’s rogue Company was forced to return the correct counting feeds to the tally room.

And it would only get worse.

The Deep State Vote Frauds of 2016 were proven by three separate investigations. Those of 2018 was also proven. And nothing was done.

Inaction sent the message of weakness which has been acted upon.

Fox which was a balanced network, suddenly saw John Roberts asking scripted hack questions at the pressers. They hired McCabe, Brazile, and other lunatics as political pundits.

McCain III, and GHWB were executed after Military Tribunal. Say it. They, HRC, Graham, and others were pulled in and interrogated by Mattis and Kelly, in a Military Tribunal. Say it.

Say that Blythe offered Carlisle the murdered Scalia’s SCOTUS seat at the Phoenix Meeting to clear HRC. Release The Songbird File on McCain III. Release the hidden JFK Coup File, naming the players.

Instead: we suffered the insanity of: ‘He who throws dirt, loses ground’.

He increased the Anti-Trump Vote, which when conflated with the emboldened frauds, gave us the lunacy of what we have today.

Sacking the odd miscreants here and there and appointing sane Secretaries and Directors, was never enough. There were no constraints on powers. It was never a personality game.

It was expected that he would broadsword the swamp clean. He was delivered The Book of Job and missed the mission. There was no epiphany on the road to Washington.

Like Hacker: he allowed his forces to be replaced by Sir Humphrey.

He has now been stood to the back and given prepared narratives. It was hard enough to have moved him to the fore in 2016. Albeit he was pitched against a buffoon then and now.

With no fear of retribution, what journey will fraud and corruption take?

Electoral Fraud

The Donkeys are government well-paid functionaries for their owners. They always were, from Buchanan and prior.

The current Electoral Fraud is not their first. The difference is, they have become more blatant. Because of inaction, America is now being drawn from the jaws of Third-World Dictatorship. And that affects the entire West.

Recall that The Bush Syndicate includes Carter (founder of The Trilateral Commission) and The Clinton and Obama Consortia. Bilderberg, CFR, RIIA, Club of Rome, Brookings, and Skull & Bones, are realities.

The Gore and Kerry failed challenges against The Cheney White House (GWB an imbecile puppet), and the theatric Perot Affair, as the McCain and Romney Affairs, were staged vote manipulations continuing the corrupt line.

More correct were the demolitions of The Donkeys with the Stevenson and Dukakis Affairs; in the contemporary.

In those days they pitched their own against their own and destroyed alleged oppositions. Now: they manipulate the vote counting, under the propaganda guise that the blatant fraud is a lie. Refusing to counter the assertions, confirms the reality.

Pennsylvania is just one example. Trump won the state overwhelmingly until the fake mail-ins began to arrive. Recall what I wrote about the mining industry, and the implausibility of Biden winning that state. That state legislature passed a law that all ballots needed to be verified and in by eight pm on the night. This didn’t suit the mechanics of the intended fraud. So The State Supreme Court illegally adjusted the Legislation to allow ballots to be received unverified, and with no date stamp, continuing until counted. All Biden votes, of course.

A further issue of GOP observers was decided by allowing them, but only from outside the building, a hundred feet away, and the windows were blocked over.

Two actions concerning the unconstitutionality were filed with SCOTUS. The first concerned immediacy, the second Certiorari. The first was refused as two weeks were needed to review the evidence.

From that decision, Propaganda Media ran that the case was struck down. The Certiorari matter was not. Further: three justices wrote indicating that the case would strike down the Illegal decision of The State Supreme Court. SCOTUS to also sit as nine.

Trump won overwhelmingly as at eight pm on the night. The reversal was as a consequence of the illegal Biden ballots materializing.

Recall that GHWB was not born in America. As Obama and the pending de facto puppet queen, fake African American Harris, are also unconstitutional. Trump-backed away on The Soetoro Illegal occupation and ridiculous sitcom of The Obama Era. The investigation of which should have continued in place of The Mueller Theatric.

Being concerned that the institution will be damaged, therefore the perpetrators are not exposed, reminds me of The Vatican hiding its many flaws including its institutionalized pedophilia. Wrong tactics in both instances. The problems continue. Light is always the cleanse.

The correct decision requires Trump to hold in position, The Electoral College to stand down, and SCOTUS ordering a new election; under correct supervision to remove the frauds of all alleged swing states.

Trump still holds the constitutional authority, to negate the entire election, maintain The Executive Branch and indefinitely adjourn Congress.

He can rerun the election and sit for third and fourth terms. The impeachment and frauds, adding to the existing Martial Law, Insurrection, a Coup d’etat, and the state of National Emergency.

To the rigorous omphaloskeptics, I am advised that my digestion is unable to absorb contrary fictional ideological interpretations and confectionery illusions.

UPDATE (6:00 Melbourne time, 7 November 2020)

The algorithms were changed to deliver propaganda about Trump (leading The Free West) while nothing was attainable concerning Biden (the puppet leader of Stalinist America).

The problem is: that SCOTUS can whistle in the wind, it has no enforceable existence.

If The Civil War takes out every air-breathing Dem on the planet, it will have no effect. Other fodder will be moved along the chain.

And you won’t be advised about events, because they would be criminal politico-terrorist, and are being managed by the state; to protect you. Millions will die, just in the attempted removal of the 2nd. The 1st was removed during The Obama Era.

The total number of recorded votes exceeds the number of voting constituents. But who cares. The election was a visual theatre, as a means to an end. Trump denied the advice to postpone the election. The fraud became entrenched, beyond the ability of the numbers of legal constituents to survive.

The rules of Congressional America, will not be followed. It will immediately fall to a dictatorship. The EU Parliament is a meaningless nonsense theatric. The Constitution of The Democratic Republic is gone. Ron Paul spoke well on that matter at his retirement.

House or Senate elected majorities have no meaning. Write all the rules you want. No one is listening, and nothing is enforceable, beyond dictate. Opposition will have no voice.

The Elites are secure and remote. America to turn into a survival of the fittest ghetto, operated by Oligarchs. No wars, as the Industrial Military Complex is well employed on Domestic Control. TSA was the test run, but the borders will flood, as in South America.

The Coup was allowed far too much breathing space to develop. By the end of 2017, Big Tech should have been brought to heel. It is the central position of the Fourth Estate propaganda machine of The Fifth Column.

Indeed the takedown should have begun during The Obama Era.

If you are not certain what Stalinist America would look like, ask those who survived life under The Stalinist Eastern Bloc. Which incidentally was created by America, having lost WWII (which it started) to Stalinist Russia.

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