William Barr testy exchange…

What are our options then C-note? Start killing commies, leftists, democrats, feminists, fags and the paper boy who can’t manage to get the paper on our porches? It’s a slippery slope.

Or would it be best, at least for the time being, to follow the wishes of POTUS and allow law enforcement handle things? And allow Barr and Durham the time needed to harden their cases and make sure no one walks? With the Clinesmith arrest and his plea deal, the tree is being chopped down from the base as it should be, when it’s on the ground and I suspect it won’t be long, all the limbs will be removed and made ready for the fire.

We still have 60 days until the election and POTUS doesn’t seem very worried and considering Q, who is being supported by the former head of the DIA, tells us the elections are secure and the normally corrupt polls aren’t able to hide the exuberance of the “right”, plus the boat and car protests, the mass exodus of blacks and Latinos from the rats, seems like POTUS is correct in being so patient and confident that he’ll get re-elected and his plan is working.

I say we wait, give POTUS and his administrations the time they are taking to make sure this thing is completely killed off at the roots.


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