Why The RNC Programming And Production Is Working

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor Chris Bedford joins Host Ben Domenech to analyze night two of the Republican National Convention. Together, they outline the strengths and weaknesses of the speakers and production at the RNC as well as what to look forward to on night three.

According to Bedford and Domenech, many of the speeches Tuesday night were concise, hard-hitting, and focusing on the right issues.

“I’m thoroughly impressed … it was shocking how courageous some of these decisions were,” Bedford said. 

While the Democratic National Convention lacked substance in their messaging, Domenech says that the RNC and the White House delivered, offering a wide range of speeches covering religious freedom, pro-life, media bias, and more.

“One of the virtues of the Trump people atlarge is that because they have no experience in politics before a handful of years ago, they don’t have any of the built-in consultant based bias that says, this is the thing you say loud and this is the thing you whisper. And so they say everything at the same volume, which is 11,” said Domenech. 

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