Whoa…Another 10,000 Dead People Voted in Battle Ground State

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Investigations have revealed over 10,000 dead people voted in Michigan during the presidential election. Michigan is just one of several battleground states coming under scrutiny for voter fraud. The state’s 16 electoral votes may still be up for grabs.

Dead voters in Michigan

Richard Baris, the director of Big Data Poll, conducted a study of Michigan voter rolls and found about 9,500 were names of dead people. “About 9,500 voters confirmed dead through the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) are marked in the state’s mail voting database as having returned ballots.

Another nearly 2,000 are 100 years old or more and aren’t listed as known living centenarians.”

The data indicates that somebody was trying to vote on behalf of these people. Baris says that some of these people might not even be real at all.

“It’s also entirely possible that some of them aren’t even real people,” Baris told reporters from The Epoch Times. “If someone is 110 or some ridiculous age, we should have their death record but do not.”

Election officials in Michigan are calling this a baseless conspiracy theory. Tracy Wimmer, spokeswoman for the Michigan secretary of state, told reporters “Ballots of voters who have died are rejected in Michigan, even if the voter cast an absentee ballot and then died before Election Day.” Richard Baris is skeptical about her claim. “While I’m open to the idea some of these have been rejected, I’m not open to any outright dismissal they all were rejected.”

Trump demands a recount

The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit to stop vote counting in Michigan until Republican poll watchers are allowed adequate access. There have been widespread reports of voter fraud and irregularities in the state. Joe Biden currently leads Trump by 150,000 votes.

In one late night update Joe Biden received a surge of 130,000 votes, with none going to Trump or any third party candidates. What’s going on here? Are the Democrats trying to steal this election? President Trump is confident he will expose the fraud and be fairly reelected for a second term. Time will tell.


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