Whatever it takes to keep this woman out of the White House…


Apparently you never heard about the 2-citizen parent rule. Not only did it make Obama ineligible, it also made Ted Cruz ineligible as well.

The basic issue is….

“What is a natural-born citizen?”

There are experts who say that “natural-born” equals the requirement to have TWO US citizens as parents at the time of one’s birth to be eligible for president, unlike all the other congressional offices. (McCain was eligible even though he was born in Panama for multiple reasons, one of which was he had 2 US citizen parents the day he was born.)

Everybody got all hung up on Obama’s birth certificate because when they asked the 2 candidates for it McCain produced his and Obama ran off to get lawyers instead. It’s always been my position as a black woman that the man gaslighted everybody with that because as an alleged constitutional professor teaching classes he should have known that his Kenyan father made him ineligible and so he threw everybody else off the scent with the lawyers fighting his producing the birth certificate.

And the irony is, I had always thought it was a crock of shehockeypoo until I sat down and started looking into it. The more I dug for info to prove people wrong, the more I realized that people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio were right about it all along.

And then a guy posted photos of his airplane submerging under water while he was still in it and then got out at the last possible minute….and it turned out to be that the only person in that flight who didn’t make it – who actually DIED from that plane crash – was the govt official who swore under penalty of perjury that she had viewed Obama’s birth certificate and that it was the real deal.

But the photos the guy took with his HD camera were absolutely BEAUTIFUL, LOL!!!!

But the bottom line is, if Obama with one US citizen parent can be even thought of as possibly ineligible, then someone with no US citizen parents is absolutely not eligible to become President of the United States. Anchor baby status or not. (And if there were nothing but strict constitutionalists around there wouldnt BE any such thing as an anchor baby in the United States because the people who come here are subject to another jurisdiction when they get here, no matter how that happened! That would mean they don’t qualify under the 14th Amendment or any other.

Look at the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Now look at all the things the Founding Fathers thought of.

Do you REALLY THINK the Founding Fathers would allow our documents to leave such a big loophole until a child of America’s enemies can become president where all that enemy needs to do is come to the United States and then give birth?! Even after the way the kings of England tried to breed the Scottish out?!


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