What happens when you have a seizure while driving Cadillac Escalade SUV…

Stents, Ginsburg, prognosis
OMG! stent infections carry with them
high rates of mortality. Stents infections
are not common, hard to treat and as
stated before can lead to death. So it
makes sense to remove and replace
a stent with a clean one if a Doctor has
any cause too.

No wonder they are not allowing lots of
photographs being taken. A block would
generate yellowing of the skin and the
whites of the eyes. Another thing is they will
not reveal which type of duct the stent is

I suspect that is being done to conceal the
real nature of her cancer and its accompanying
tumors and what stage she is now in.

so one of two things are going on:
1. chemo has adversely affected her organs
2. cancer has adversely affected her organs.
It’s now just a matter of time before doctors
can do no more for her.

I won’t be surprise if she dies at home, yet the
Democrat party drags her lifeless body
to a hospital and pretend she’s still alive
for days or for weeks. The only thing keeping
her alive now is the will power to hang on to
her life so that she can continue to work.

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