What are Pennsylvania democrats hiding?

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows what the thieving scumbags are hiding. The Republicans, law enforcement, the public, courts, media, etc. What is stunning is that NO ONE has the balls to call them out on it. The Trump Campaign, Trump himself do sure, but they are being censored everywhere. This is no longer America, it is Communist China or the USSR or Nazi Germany. The effing media is censoring the President of the United States, and no one is hammering them for it, WTF is that?

Doughboy Caputo censors the Press Secretary on daytime TV and still has a job? Look at the rioting and destruction these asshats and their thug army have caused all across the nation for almost a year over a pretense. We have legit reasons to do it but don’t and don’t give me that “we’re the better person” horse shit. That is a plan to lose. The country is lost if conservatives don’t pull their head out of their self righteous “better person” ass and fight. Oh, I know, a whole bunch are waiting for God to do something about it. Well what if He’s waiting on you to do something about it? Force is all the vile ones understand, they back down when challenged with force, I’ve seen it. Hospitalize enough of the vermin and they’ll get the message.

And yes, I DO practice what I preach, speaking, organizing, training, etc., I just don’t have a forum like radio or TV. Now, what are YOU going to do?


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