West Australia’s Net Zero policy consigns mining to the WEF dustbin

Western Australia has been infected with climate change dogma of the eastern states and intends to commit hari-kari by following the WEF and UN’s Net Zero 2050 instructions.

The majority of Western Australia’s mining equipment will be stuck permanently on the Go line by 2030 while McGowan is obeying the WEF instruction to chase Carbon Dixoide rainbows.

Those miners and every associated industry generating the state’s 2021, $230 billion economic return who voted for the ALP should ditch the Labor Party and Premier McGowan before he gets rid of them.

The Western Australia resources sector achieved record sales of $230 billion in 2021 highlighting how its economy has carried the nation through the COVID-19 pandemic.

A record 156,238 people are working in the mining sector, with an extra 15,298 jobs added in 2021

Western Australia accounted for more than half of national goods exports in 2021.

WA’s COVID-19 management has ensured the economy has stayed open and strong throughout the pandemic, says the state government.

Previous analysis by the Institute of Public Affairs found that the policy of reaching Net Zero by 2050 will cancel more than 186,000 jobs in regional Western Australia, which, according to the most recent census, accounts for over 80 per cent of the labour force in the regional parts of the state.

Additionally, analysis shows these jobs will not be replaced by jobs in renewable industries. Most jobs touted as part of renewable projects last for a limited time, primarily during the installation phase, with maintenance of the renewable projects being comparably low-skilled and low-paid to jobs in gas, coal, and mining.

Will the mining unions warn their members? It is doubtful the unions will say a word. Is it any wonder Twiggy Forrest, a WEF disciple, is pouring hundreds of millions into experimental green hydrogen energy.


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