WEF Reports: Saudi Arabia using WEF to push for more tourism

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With $160,000 Mercedes parked outside the Saudi tourism venue at Davos, the Saudi Arabian delegation posits that Klaus Schwab’s so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” can boost the theocratic monarchy’s tourism industry.

The World Economic Forum meetings are underway this week in Davos, Switzerland, where oligarchs, politicians, celebrities and their familiars come together to discuss their plans for humanity for the short and long-term. To learn about the real motives of the WEF and its founder, Klaus Schwab, please visit www.ExposeTheReset.com.

The WEF meetings are being used as a charm offensive by the human rights abusing Saudi kingdom. Monday in Davos, the House of Saud sponsored an ice cream stand.

Jeremy Loffredo is one of six journalists Rebel News has sent to Davos to expose the WEF’s hypocrisy and sinister plans for your life. To support their independent journalism and to never miss a story, please visit www.WEFreports.com.

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