WEF Reports: Armed security and exclusion zones for privacy-conscious elites in Davos

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“I’m outside the secure zone here in Davos, it’s interesting how the elites who want us to have digital ID, increased surveillance and want to watch our every move, want immense privacy for themselves and have no accountability,” tweeted freelance journalist Sophie Corcoran.

Corcoran is working alongside the Rebel News team in Davos, Switzerland, as the world’s cyber and bio-tech oligarchs meet with politicians and celebrities for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meetings. To learn more about the ulterior motives of the WEF, check out the new docu-series from Rebel News journalists Lewis Brackpool and Kian Simone at www.ExposeTheReset.com.

While the WEF has advocated for open borders for sovereign nations, they had no qualms about setting up a border checkpoint of their own to keep prying eyes away.

To support Sophie and the Rebel News team and to see all their reports as they invade the safe spaces of the globalist cabal, please visit www.WEFreports.com.

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