“We Don’t Tell Parents Because It Would Scare Them”

A father (working out of New York) speaks passionately to a pharmacist after his 7-year-old son (living in New Zealand) was diagnosed with Myocarditis caused by the Covid Vaccine.

Walking Dead

An exclusive in the Epoch Times,‘I feel like the walking dead’ after receiving the COVID vaccines”:

“At age 48, Catherine ‘Cat’ Parker had a complete and fulfilling life: two young adult children, a job as a manager of a construction company, and work as a freelance photographer and photojournalist … However, Parker’s life came crashing to a near-halt soon after she received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine on April 1, 2021.

“Parker’s symptoms read like a laundry list of ailments. They include:

    • Chronic brain fog.
    • Chronic cold and hot temperature intolerance.
    • Chronic, extreme exhaustion and fatigue, including falling asleep in chairs and in any seated position within 5-10 minutes of sitting.
    • Chronic falling over when trying to get dressed/walk/stand.
    • Chronic headaches.
    • Chronic nausea.
    • Chronic red and glazed-over eyes.
    • Chronic pain and swelling in the hands, arms and throughout the body.
    • Chronic shaking and tremors in the arms and hands.
    • Constantly cold hands and feet.
    • Depression and anxiety.
    • Dysautonomia.
    • Hair loss (her first true indication that “something was wrong,” in November 2021).
    • Head pain, with feelings akin to that of a stroke.
    • Memory loss and loss of concentration.
    • Microtremors and tension throughout the body.
    • Narcolepsy.
    • Painful and difficult urination, related to kidney issues.
    • Pseudoparkinsonism.
    • Rapid heartbeat.
    • Rashes and streaks on the skin.
    • Restless leg syndrome and leg pain.
    • Ringing in the ears.
    • Skin rash.
    • Sleep apnea.
    • Difficulty breathing and swallowing when sleeping.
    • Stuttering.
    • Twitching eyes.

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