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On the morning of Thursday 23rd of September 2021, my husband Toby and I were at home on our 33 acre farm at Sandy Creek. We woke up, and were up early as normal, and I opened the front door to go put some rubbish in the outside bin, to see a group of police standing outside of our front gate.

I have made public declaration of my fear of police on a number of occasions, as I am a whistle blower and independent true news reporter who speaks out about the pedophiles in Parliament, the court ordered suppression orders protecting pedophiles in positions of power, and the State run child trafficking operating through the Department of so called ‘Child Protection.

I am also one of the people who has put South Australian State Premier Steven Marshall on notice to immediately cease and desist the covid psychological, biological and economic warfare against our community. As well, I am actively working to restore Divine and Natural Law, through our People’s Peace Alliance with our Original Sovereign First Nation Elders and lawmen and women, to find lawful remedy to peacefully end the ongoing crimes of the corporate state against our people and our living Earth. To end the 233 years of genocidal occupation of The Original Sovereign First Nations, and restore the real law of the living land that protects and respects all natural life. Enabling We The People to be real world free to live in peace as self governing living men and women via the honestly informed will of We The People.

My husband Toby and I have both declared ourselves a party to People’s Treaty, recognising with full respect for the truth, that the only lawful sovereignty here in The Original First Nations land, is that of The Original First Nations.

Because we stand in the truth and speak the truth that is a real and present alternative to the criminals in positions of power who currently use the system to conduct and cover-up their crimes against our community, we are targeted people.

We know that speaking up for child protection, and freedom and peace in a system run by child trafficking pedophiles, and abusive power-hungry warmongers has made us a target for the corrupt element to attack us. In their attempt to to stop the wider community learning the truth that holds the power to end the rule of inhumane corporate policy, and enable We The People to restore sanity and basic humanity and kindness as our naturally healthy way of organising and conducting ourselves.

On the morning of Thursday the 23rd of September, six employees of the for profit corporation trading as SAPOL who are falsely claiming authority as ‘law enforcement’ officers drove themselves to our private home just after 7:30am in the morning. Their excuse/ justification for coming to our home, was that they wanted to conduct a ‘gun check’ under The Fire Arms Act.

We are primary producers, and like a huge number of other farmers, hunters, sports shooters and other well educated, experienced and competent gun owners, my husband Toby has a gun license and registered guns to manage our livestock, and maintain firearms competency and security.

The six corporate officers were all armed, and Toby and I were unarmed. Toby’s registered guns were safely locked in the cabinet as per the corporate States regulations.

In an ordinary ‘gun check’ situation, typically two police may attend to check that guns and ammunition are being securely stored according to the corporate governments policies.

Having two squad cars and six armed officers turn up completely unannounced first thing in the morning triggered immediate alarm bells and fears for our life and the safety of our house guest, and our visiting family friend who was a minor at the time of what police rapidly escalated into a major militarized attack.

Having seen the police out the front and immediately fearing that the criminal element within police were here to target us because of our public stance for child protection, truth, peace and freedom. Which is clearly counter to the corporate governments control, control, control and pedophile protecting conduct. I walked to the front gate, still in my dressing gown, with nothing but the truth to defend myself. Toby was still inside and had not seen that police had driven themselves to our home at the time I first went out to notify them of the truth.

I sat on our fence, in close proximity to our boundary fence signage that makes it clear that our property is claimed and protected under Divine and Natural law, and that only those who come in peace and goodwill to our family and community may enter. I witnessed one officer take a photo of our signs on a phone camera as I approached the fence, so I know they were conscious of the signs and that to enter our property to disturb our Divine and Natural right to peace and privacy, or to cause us harm or loss of any kind would make them guilty of trespass, crimes against us, crimes against the real law of the Original Ngadjuri Nations Sovereignty, of which we are a declared and recognised party to our People’s Peace Alliance with our trusted local Elders, a crime under international law, as we are declared parties to People’s Treaty which protects us from interference from ‘foreign powers’, and a crime against our Divine Creator who we are in declared surrender to. The signs and my verbal notification, and later written notification made it very clear that these corporate officers were not trusted individuals and had absolutely no lawful right to step foot on our property.

I informed the police that we are child protectors and we speak out against the pedophiles in parliament, court ordered suppression orders and the child trafficking through DCP. I told the police that we do not trust them, as we have witnessed and experienced police participating in state organised child abduction. Stealing babies and children in collusion with the DCP, removing children from their natural families, and placing them into State control where the majority are then sexually abused by predators while in State control. I made it very clear that I did not feel safe to allow these police to enter our property or our home.

I informed them that they work for a for profit corporation that has no lawful sovereignty and no jurisdiction of law to be attempting to enforce any for profit corporate policy on me or my family at our private home. They ignored, dismissed and disputed all of the completely honest and factual information that I had verbally notified them of. They did not bat an eyelid, or show any human concern whatsoever when being informed of the State run child trafficking that SAPOL is routinely contracted to assist in.

They again referenced the Fire Ams Act again as their excuse for their presence, and their persistent threat that they had ‘the right’ to enter our home with or without our permission under ‘The Act’ that they were verbally referencing.

I felt extremely threatened and unsafe at this point as it was clear to me that these police did not care about the truth at all, and had not come in peace, but rather were there to deliberately intimidate and make a ‘show of armed force’ against our family at our private home.

All of this conversation of me verbally notifying police of the truth was recorded on their police body-cam footage. This should be released for our community to hear the truth of what was said, and be able to hear what was said knowing the honest context of the full picture of the situation in which it was said.

By this time my husband Toby had walked down the front gate, completely unarmed of course, as we are peaceful people, in the presence of six armed officers who were completely unknown to us, not trusted strangers threatening us with an armed home invasion.

At this point Toby started recording the interaction from inside our fence with police (police later stole Toby’s phone with all the footage he took from the wild and extremely rapid escalation of militant police force that was to follow).

I left the conversation, leaving Toby speaking to the six officers and went inside to get a printed copy of our Public Notice To Police document, to physically hand to police.

I returned to the front fence and handed the printed notice to one male officer who to his great credit accepted the document.

At this point, I’d had enough of the threats and demands of police to enter our home in violation of the truth and I said to the female officer who appeared to be the woman in charge, that if they attempt to enter our home without our permission using force, that she should warn her colleagues that we will defend ourselves. As it is our absolute human right to do. We have a Divine and Natural Right and Responsibility to defend and protect our lives, the lives of other innocent people and our homes against any outside aggressors who we can reasonably assess are there to destroy our peace, violate our privacy and cause us harm or loss.

This notification that we would defend ourselves was what the female officer then used to shortly after justify her abduction of me from out the front of our home, as well as the wild escalation to a full blown militant police response that ultimately ended in a gang of Star Force officers aiming their many machine guns at my completely unarmed and peaceful husband and another unarmed and peaceful woman who was staying with us as a house guest at the time.

The entire ordeal has been extremely traumatising for our entire family and our wider community. We are still processing the full extent of what has occurred and attempting to make peace within ourselves with deep gratitude that we have all lived to be able to reunite as a family and share our experience. In the hopes that this can serve as an empowering learning experience for police and our whole community to ensure nothing like this wild abuse of police power is ever allowed to occur in our community again.

We’ll share further information and updates as we can. We recorded a thank you video yesterday for all of you many golden souls who have come together over the last three and a half weeks. You have carried us through this ordeal while Toby and I have both been too badly traumatised by this massive attack to be able to defend ourselves. While the corporate State has been defaming us throughout our wider community with the help of much of the corporate mainstream media.

We know that the truth is on our side, and that what we want to come out of this ordeal is an honest community wide conversation to enable us all to come together and decide for ourselves what ‘We The People’ want to put in place to keep our children, our families, our homes, our lives and our livelihoods safe. Protecting ourselves and each other from the draconian corporate policies of fear, force and violence against we the free and peaceful people of this Sovereign First Nation Land we all live in, work in and love.


Political Prisioner Solange

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