WATCH: Texas deputy constable shares insight into ongoing border crisis

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As the Biden administration’s border crisis rages on essentially unabated, Rebel News continues to be on the ground reporting from the scene of the frequent migrant crossings. We recently spoke with a Texas deputy to gain firsthand insight into the situation. “All throughout the community, all throughout Maverick County, the numbers of undocumented persons crossing has risen dramatically the last couple of months.” Bowles told Rebel News.

Bowles also shared concerns about the potential increase in migrants crossing illegally due to Title 8, which allows migrants to claim manifestation of fear in order to seek refuge in the United States. “With the onset now that they’re allowing undocumented persons to come across and use Title 8 to try to claim any type of humanitarian relief, that just opens the door for more people to come in,” Bowles told Rebel News.

Migrants crossing into Eagle Pass from Piedras Negras cross through the deceptively strong currents of the Rio Grande, where many get swept off their feet or separated by their groups. There have been multiple cases of people drowning, including a Texas national guardsman that attempted to save two drowning migrants.

One of the main illegal crossing points is underneath International Bridge 2, which connects both border towns with each other for people to enter legally. Border patrol units have also been encountering migrants crossing in points all over the city of Eagle Pass, with many private landowners complaining of the migrants trespassing through their property.

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