WATCH: Rapper’s rhymes designed to empower freedom

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Protests in Brisbane have been full of festivities as people connect on common ground in standing for freedom.

Among the performers who have been entertaining crowds is Dinny also known as The Elocutionist.

Dinny uses his distinct rapping style with lyrics discussing current world issues.

He performed “Take The Game On” which was made up of 32 lines of information sung in a way that people could retain the information.

Why did you add the Charlie Chaplin speech in your song?,” I asked at a recent protest.

[It] has to be the greatest speech of all time. I tried to find the bit that was impacting us the most at the moment pull it out.

Dinny has two more songs coming out within the next month and says that he would like to collaborate with other freedom lovers. He got back into music in recent years as he felt no one was connecting with the important global issues we’re facing.

I got back into music as I felt no one was singing about the issues going on now.”

I’m trying to give kids awesome music that’s going to educate them and empower them”.

Everyone has something to offer this movement.

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