WATCH: Migrant crossings continue as border crisis rages on in Eagle Pass, Texas

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As the uptick in illegal migrant crossings over the U.S. southern border continues, we have been on the ground in Eagle Pass, Texas to witness firsthand the Biden administration’s ongoing border crisis.

On May 22, we watched large groups of migrants including women and children being apprehended by border authorities after making the dangerous journey into the U.S. from Mexico.

We spoke with one mother who had just crossed the border with her children. Speaking on her perilous trek and perspective on America (a journey possibly incentivized by the Biden administration’s lenient border policies), she had this to say, “We look for a way to respect their spaces and respect them. But I know that each country is going to take care of its own country. Not all of us come with bad intentions and therefore try to obey, but emotionally sometimes it’s not easy.”

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