Watch Live — Youtube removes Steve Bannon War Room Special… In the middle of the show!

Time to break the glass.

The President needs to declare the insurrection act and seize and secure all polling stations with the military – TODAY. THIS IS A COUP. He has the power. He needs to use it.

Forensic analysts need to be sent to all disputed polling locations and launch a full scale criminal investigation. This needs to happen today. HE CANNOT WAIT. There needs to be an investigation and an accurate count of true ballots. You cannot wait until Fox starts calling him “President Elect Biden”.

He cannot rely on the courts, including the Supreme Court. If, after a fair investigation, it is determined he lost fair and square, so be it. He can leave in January. In all likelihood he won, big. And the American people cannot allow the US government to fall to a Chinese proxy, to criminals. He took an oath to defend the Republic from Enemies foreign and domestic. The Biden Crime Family, and many in his party’s leadership are clearly both. They have been paid off by the
Chinese, Russians and others.

Before this, the President was hesitating because of the pending election. It’s no longer an issue. The votes have been cast.

Now it’s time to act. He needs to do it. If he gets push back then remove Milley and Esper then replace them with those who know how to follow the orders of the Commander in Chief. Fortune Favors the Bold. This cannot be left to the courts, or the legislators. They’re all corrupt. Time to break the glass Mr. President. Time to act on behalf of the sovereign people you represent. History will remember you as having saved the nation.


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