Victoria Police resort to violence Gaza Is Melbourne, Australia - Democracy Is Gone



Watch Live — Your indefatigable President Trump holds 4th MAGA Victory Rally of the day!

The Rinos you mention are gone and are relatively ineffective. Even McCain is still around, though, by channeling through Chubbs. It’s fine to mention them but don’t forget the SuperRinos who can still do serious damage, Murkowski, Collins, that Mormon guy, uh, Romney, and Chief Justice John Roberts, who actually might achieve traitorship. It’s still not certain.

And should Biden win, highly unlikely, more Rinos will flood out of the Republican cloakrooms like roaches heading for spilled sugar. They’ve been caged for 4 years, a good thing, but they are secretely aching for a Trump loss.


All covid vaccines should be immediately halted and recalled. The vaccine is the weapon

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