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This Is WAR !!!

Pres Trump must declare a National State of Emergency, Democrat Electoral Presidential Election Usurpation !

Democrat Communists have declared all out electoral subversion illegal ballot dumping open war against not just Pres Trump, but the United States of America, the US Constitution-The Republic, with abject impunity steal a US Election from the Will of the American People.

Pres Trump must force an Election Vote Ballot Audit and a criminal election voter fraud investigation in PA, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada Democrat run States and it’s corrupt Democrat leadership who have coordinated and carried out a massive electoral ballot dumping cheating fraud on the nation. The outright stealing of this election from Pres Trump, the working men and women of the country must not be allowed to stand !

If these marxist communist Democrats are allowed to steal this election, this country will effectively be a corrupt banana republic – Govt of, By, For We the People Constitutional Republic will no longer exist, because the communist democrats will have proven they can override the US Constitution, subvert the will of the American People, the US electoral system and destroy it with absolute impunity and nothing will ever be done about it.

Benjamin Franklin: “A Republic if you can keep it”


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