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I find it very disturbing that this can happen.
I understand it to mean that someone would have to intentionally seek out the lists of the deceased in each & every state/county. In my eyes that would be a full-time job , requiring several people as well a good amount of man hours over a long period if time, if not years. After receiving the names of the deceased, it would require further research into finding out if the deceaseds address was still active? If a family member was receiving said deceased mail, even as far back as 1984. Or if the mail/ballots in question were intercepted by a particular political party . How do we go about finding this information? Do you have access to such a thing?
Clearly this would have to be an operation that has been ongoing for many years as you would need people on the inside (County clerks, office of vital records, etc) in order to receive this information. I’m certain that deceased who are chosen to vote are hand picked so as not to raise any red flags of credibility. I know through personal experience that when mail received is addressed to a deceased family member or received for someone who no longer resides at that address, either , DECEASED ,is written on envelope with “return to sender, OR, NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS, PLEASE FORWARD OR RETURN TO SENDER.
I’m very curious. I will see what I can dig up.
I thought you might have better access to such information or know an avenue to take.

Thank you Kane,
You do a GREAT job. !
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