Watch Live Tucker Carlson full show — CIA Gina Haspel blocking declassification of spygate…

Rootstriker, very simple, because he is NOT as smart as many gave credit for, not even close. Then last nite he also mentioned the ventilators again as if any of them were sver even needed ? DUH, as well he thinks the vaccine can save us ?

Interstingly just a short while ago when I said this truth I got down votes, now that it is obviously correct and accpeted and popular all is just fine to say it ? More proof of the slow thinkers in USA ! I love the guy , but,,,,,,,facts matter amd maybe he will start lsitening instead of doing the same dumb shit over and over and stepping on his own junk in the process with these insane people in his court ?

See why I despise go alongs and echo chambers? They stifle any real THiNKING from taking place !

You can thank me later for being right again !


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