Watch Live — Trump’s final victory rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan… President Won’t Stop!

It all depends on the extent of the shy Trump voter effect. Last time it was 5%. This time when you look at Trump supporters being beaten shot, doxxed, losing jobs, being subject to cancel culture one has to think it is larger maybe 7% or 10%. The other factor is the extent of mass ballot fraud – which I think, among states that matter will be high – in PA probably as much as 100,000 votes or more, in NC probably more than 50,000.
If it is the same as last time – Trump wins every state he won last time (winning the election) although PA will be stolen – Trump will still wins. He probably also wins NH.
If it is about 7% Trump wins every state he won before (winning the election), takes PA and Minn and probably NV, NH and NM
If it is about 10% Trump wins every state he won before (winning the election) takes PA, MINN, NV, NM, Virginia, Colorado, probably New Jersey with an outside chance at NY, CT, and essentially wins an election comparable to the Nixon drubbing of McGovern and the Reagan drubbing of Mondale (not as many states since CA and the left Coast is so dominated by Democrats and entrenched cheating that there is just no overcoming it.

I think the difference will be about 7%, will be enough to overcome a lot of of cheating and will give Trump about 320-360 electoral votes.

We will see soon enough.


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