Watch Live — Texas governor Greg Abbott…

I know a drafthouse owner/operator. He and his son are getting killed by this.

The science is NOT supporting this; Gov Abott & Costello does the propaganda, claiming the numbers improving is “due to the mitigation efforts, social distancing, wearing masks…”

Viruses normally ramp up in the winter, run their course, then get hammered by summertime natural climate effects either directly on the virus (UV-C, a little by UV-B) or by human behavior changes (going outdoors, getting sunshine -> vitamin D3 which amps up the human immune system, getting exercise, naturally distancing more than being inside, etc., etc.).

Of course our Texas RINO Gov is saying the improvement is all due to his actions., not Mom Nature. So he continues his emperialistic edicts; makes him feel soooo good about himself. Meanwhile thousands upon thousands of Texas businesses are closing, and tens and hundreds of thousands of Texans are losing their jobs.

This ain’t science; it’s politics.

Gov Abbott & Costello should be ashamed of himself.


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