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The benefit to losing these two seats, let me count the ways. One, two fifth columnist RINO’s are stopped from carrying on their ruse as standing for us. Two, it brings down the house on top of our leaderships heads and not just ours. Three, it lets them (our leaders) know we will not show up for battle every time they say boo. We want fighters no more negotiators. Four, by allowing them the enemy to(democrats) take it all causes the confluence of events to come to a point and exposes the democrats openly as the evil party that they are and bring about a coalition of fighters on our side that have not been seen in this country since the revolution. The Republicans and the conservative leaders either fight for real or get the hell out of the way. You are not going to abandon our leader Trump on the field and think in any shape form or fashion we are going to show up for you talkers and negotiators for your own self interest. No more, no mas. I am for a new party the hell with the Republican sell outs. We the deplorables, the unredeemables are through with you self interest cowards. We want accountability for all the crime and treason carried out by the dems against President Trump during his four years in office and before, and we want all those people who have attempted this coup, during this election, rounded up and tried for treason, now. No more bs, do it.


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