Watch Live — Steve Bannon War Room Afternoon Special…

I was keeping a a spreadsheet of the count last night, er this morning, and it was unbelievable how 100+K lead disappeared within 1% of reporting votes.

WI 10 94% (R) 1,539,655 (D) 1,430,581 (AHEAD) 109,074 (TOT) 2,970,236 4:15am
WI 10 95% (D) 1,630,337 (R) 1,609,640 (BEHIND) 20,697 (TOT) 3,239,977 6:09am

Having lived here in Florida during the 2000 Election with Bush v. Gore and the ‘hanging chad’ fiasco with multiple recounts and the Gore screaming every minute ‘all the votes must be counted’ (until he wins) despite never being in the lead, I learned one thing…NEVER STOP FIGHTING

(Bush v. Gore 7-2)


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