Watch Live — Rudy Giuliani testifies before Michigan House committee… Still going strong at 10:30 pm…

I hear you… I honestly do. But do also hear me when I say that is what they count on from you to say, feel and think.

It is why they have no fear anymore, jobs, family, debit, credit cards and car payments make all like obedient passengers on a train off a cliff.

I hug and kiss my daughter every day like it’s the last time I will have the opportunity because I am beyond those things anymore. For her sake, not mine because she deserves a better country than I have had and most have had in the past several decades.

Sometimes being a patriot means putting county first for the sake of all we love. Everyone had better get with that quick and stop being so selfish. Or embrace your fate and stop complaining about it.

Respectfully, It’s nothing personal, it just needs to be said and heard by all… Get ready, or hand over what you have to those who are.


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