Watch Live — Ron Desantis says Florida schools will open!

I’m a public high school teacher in CA. I teach American Sign Language and I’m definitely in the minority in my field in terms of believing that schools should meet in person as well as being in the minority politically. However, I would like to share about the importance of the deaf having access to communication. ASL or some form of sign language is often a deaf person’s first language and so any information in their first language will be beneficial and is the most efficient way for them to acquire that information. I imagine that there aren’t any deaf in the audience of the governor, but there’s definitely a population in the state of Florida that needs to see that information televised. Each state has at least one public school for the deaf that uses ASL as its primary language and so while you won’t have a large demographic of the deaf in one area per se, you will have pockets of the population. Depending on the interpreter, whether they are associated with an agency, the agency they interpret for, their education,etc. their salaries vary. As for the weight of an interpreter, I have no idea why some may be overweight, but I’ve seen many interpreters of various body types.
I hope that’s helpful 🙂

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