Watch Live — President Trump holds second MAGA victory rally of the day…

No matter what I read, what I think, whether I feel discouraged or feel encouraged, I have an overriding bewilderment that we are discussing not WHETHER democrats will attempt to steal the election through cheating but we are instead discussing the many WAYS they will find to cheat. Now that’s discouraging.

Just like the MSM, once exposed as partisan democrats, stopped any pretense of being fair or reporting truth, democrats no longer feel the need to hide their systemic cheating that has gone on for decades. There are, after all, no consequences. It’s like if a city announced they would no longer stop people for speeding, people would speed with abandon, even though it is still against the law.

Democrats are mentally ill and I fear the violence that comes when mentally ill people are freed from constraints. We may well suffer that come Wednesday morning early. In fact, my guess is that even if the election is NOT called late Tuesday night or in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, democrats will still unleash BLM, Antifa, and their other assorted criminal elements and begin the riots, anyway. They are primed and I think even a gnat could pull the trigger.


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