Watch Live — President Trump holds MAGA rally in Duluth, Minnesota…

I have never seen (or heard) a better President. The man is amazing. Actually, amazing is not descriptive enough for Trump. I’m an older American, and I haven’t seen anyone like him. His stamina. His knowledge of what is necessary to bring America back to the super power, super country that was intended by our founders is beyond reproach. His speeches during these rallies aren’t “speeches”. He talks with and brilliantly connects with the audience, no matter where he is. He is tirelessly working for America, for people who love, and cherish our freedoms, our love of country, our desire to be self-sufficient/sustaining and proud. He is also fighting to stop our children from the leftist indoctrination our schools are forcing on them. He loves our law enforcement, military and God. VOTE TRUMP.


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