Watch Live — Oregon socialist governor Kate Brown…

PaoloThe Guard has been a total fail nation wide becasue the only places they are needed are in DEM states/cities and they will NOT allow them to do a damn thing except put themselves in harms way ! NO orders to do anything, no weapons, no ammo is a total fail when using the guards because you would never call them out for any reason except extreme situations. Trump screwed up big time on this and realized it rather quickly and stopped it. Would Kate give the guard any different orders ? HA HA HA

I said from the beginning the guard would be a huge mistake and a huge fail and it was.

I actually listened to this talk and these people are 100% whacked and worthless and believe their own bullshit 100% ! Just a giant circle jerk of morons with power over YOU telling each other more lies ! Beyond insane and sick. But some guy there said they have an A1 raitng from some created group on CV and that is good, it valdates their ignorance and stupidity among themselves in their own echo chamber ! Just listening to them was grueling and anxiety ridden. They all sound like queers to me, wonder why that is ?


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