Watch Live — Nevada election officials hold presser…

I don’t believe a single thing coming out of mouths of reporters from MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox News etc. They have already time and again proven themselves to be liars. They are especially not to be trusted regarding this election. Remember for four years, every day a new “bombshell” was “revealed” that would “bring down the president.” That was their hope, and now they are trying to do something, whatever they can, to make it happen. These government officials counting and certifying the votes can’t be trusted, either. These are ones who have serious TDS and are willing to do whatever it takes, including voter fraud, to keep Trump from being president. They think they can get away with it and are not afraid to break the law, because so many have gotten away with it to date. Trump needs to prosecute them and fight them. WE ARE WITH YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP! I far more trust a man who has kept his promise and takes on this globalist deep state system than I do the reporters, Big Tech, RINOs, Dims, etc. who comprise the system, who are proven liars and who have shown in many ways and at many times that they hate everything we stand for.


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