Watch Live — Murderer Andrew Cuomo whines to reporters…

Get ready for round two of stuffing Covid patients into nursing homes in NY. Gov Cuomo ssys he’s worried about ‘overwhelming hospitals,’ again. What BS! During the height of the Covid pandemic – NY hospitals were never ‘overwhelmed.’ Check out the videos on YouTube. The USS Comfort was able to treat up to 1,000 patients but never had more than 200. The Javitz Center had 9, and the Good Samaritan, located in Central Park had less than 20 patients.

Remember the number of respirators Cuomo said he needed – and President Trump sent them? Turns out, thousands were never used. Governor Cuomo sold the respirators to foreign countries. That’s why Biden recently said, ‘we will give the states whatever they need.’

Consider the number of ‘false positives.’
We know Elon Musk tested four times in one day. Two were positive, two were negative.

Remember – depending on the state – states receive between $27,000 to $32,000 per ‘Covid death.’

You decide.


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