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Corey Lewandowski tells the story of being threatened with arrest, if he tried to enforce the Court order, an order by a Supreme Court Justice.

I’m not looking for an excuse to rag on the Trump campaign or administration. However, I’m puzzled. Where they simply so shocked that the police in Philadelphia would refuse a court order? Were they totally ignorant of who the people are, who run Pittsburg and Philadelphia, i.e. their CRIMINAL record of voter fraud in those jurisdictions? Were the Trump campaign managers naive? I can’t believe that they were lazy.

15 minutes after Lewandowski was stopped from enforcing that order, under threat of criminal arrest, the Trump campaign should have filed FEDERAL criminal complaints against those individual police officers, and had Marshals or the FBI in their to effect immediate arrest. This was, in fact, a terrorist threat, under color of law. It was a federal crime.

I don’t get this “we’re powerless to stop them” bullsh*t. Someone in Trump’s camp was gutless, or just plain stupid. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, the Feds are run by Democrat partisans, but I’m pretty sure that 30 seconds after POTUS gets off the phone, there would be armed men moving on Philadelphia, when citizens were under a terror threat.)


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