Watch Live — Governor Hairdoo continues California lockdown horror…


All you people who hack on California, guess what like it or not, California is coming to your state. If Sniff and Blow get into the White House, California is coming to you on steroids. I’ve been saying for a long time the head of snake is the California politician and if it’s not cut off, it’s going affect the whole country.

All your cute little sayings ‘Don’t California my Texas’ are not going to help. The West coast has all the money companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are all supporting these mentally ill politicians and if you do business with any of these companies you are just as guilty of feeding the beast.

Look what happened to Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Colorado, Austin Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Georgia – it’s not just a California problem it’s a US problem.

Today’s GOP is owned by China, just like the Democrats. Conservatives need to leave the party and start new, maybe a Constitutional Republic Party.


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