Watch Live — Georgia secretary of state holds election presser…

… we now have sufficient information to discern the Harris-Biden coup to be, the crime of the century.

Were it the case CIA and FBI weren’t collaborators? By now, both Harris and Biden would have been rounded up, placed on house arrest, wearing electronic ankle bracelets to impede flight risk.

That Harris and Biden run amok, committing Logan act violations? We are free to assume federal law enforcement and defense-intelligence to be Harris-Biden collaborators.

That ultimate responsibility for ensuring free and fair elections rests, solely upon America’s legislature, accountability for gross negligence in election fraud falls, squarely upon the shoulders of Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Kevin McCarthy.

That all four haven’t been fired, stripped of their security clearances, arrested, sanctioned and incarcerated, awaiting indictment? That McConnel, McCarthy, Pelosi and Schumer are free to sit on their hands, doing nothing? We are free to assume all four to be Harris-Biden collaborators, as well.

That mainstream media and social media overtly suppress these revelations? Simple environmental reasoning, we are now free to assume the FBI, CIA, mainstream media, Silicon Valley, and senior elected Senate and House of Representative officials colluded, with the Clintons and the Obamas, to overthrow America’s 2020 election –


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