Watch Live — First campaign event for Beijing Joe and Mouthy Kamala…

As far as females historically on the national ticket, I think Ferraro was a plus, Palin was a plus, but I think that Hillary and Kamala turn off a whole bunch of women.

Ferraro and Palin seemed to be tough without being bitchy, confident without being arrogant.

Not so much with Hillary and Kamala.

And as far as skin color, I’m betting a whole bunch of African-Americans resent her being presented as a “black” — especially since her family history is of being slave owners in Jamaica.

Finally, geographically, usually a VP pick is also viewed as to if they can help bring in a region that the other person on the ticket doesn’t have. JFK (NE elites) + LBJ (Texas rube), Carter (Georgia farmer) + Mondale (Minnesotoan), Reagan (Californian) + Bush (Texas oilman) come to mind, always exceptions such as Clinton/Gore (Arkansas/Tennessee), but in this case, yeah Kamala is California to Biden Connecticut. Big effin’ deal, Cali is going D anyway, along with Washington and Oregon.

Picking a “rust belt” moderate (like Klobachar) would have made a whole lot more sense.

So, now “Ol’ Joe” has as his Huckleberry, a bitchy woman that turns off women, a woman of color that offends real African-Americans, and someone who can bring California’s electoral votes in.


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