Watch Live — Biden pretends he’s president, delivers remarks…

No, I’m not immune – but I sure as hell would rather the war come in my time than in my child’s. They want communism, they will have it, and quickly. The faster I can give it – the better! I can live just fine, honey. This girl knows how to shoot, hunt, and, I damn sure don’t need a government to give me what the Good Lord provides better!

And you can play that damn Ronald Reagan crap all you want – he’s dead. BTW, he gave us about 30 million illegals to deal with all all their damn anchor babies – so please, don’t quote someone who’s on my bad side at the moment. Lots of quotes + too much inaction = some BS!

You may be a puss, (no offense, maybe you’re not), and you may scared to defend yourself and your country, but not all of us are, ok? You understand me, now?


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What is going on is a bio weapon heart stopper - the elites call a 'vaccine'

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