Watch Live — Bezos, Zuckerberg testify before Congress…

.50cal, yes it did, and nothingn new at all. I wrote this article in 2015, so not exactly anything new, Hey ? The problem in USA is a simpe one now. Even if you can show what is happening most people are so mind fxxked and lazy they will not pay attention or even read anything, because their smart phone feeds them junk and totally compromises their ability to THINK ! And it is NOT only left leaners and progressives

Another example is how they have created this 2nd wave of CV that is 100% bullshit. CDC just created new reporting methods, numbers and guidlelines and voila, we have a 2nd wave ! It is all about who controls the reportings and phony testing results and duplications of cases being reported some as much as 10 times. And the American people suck it up on their smart phones like the fools they are living in fear of NOTHING ! The current reporting is 90% false ! And congress of course just stumble along like morons and act as if it is all very real and we need the masks and the vaccine to save us ? It is all 100% bullshit and no worse than any of other flu.

See how easy all of it is to control the American people with lies, distortions, and manipulations to create FEAR ! ? The simple truth is the fear created is far worse than the virus and the control freaks know that very well ! so the psyops continue daily here in USA via various forms of controlled deliberate insanity to mess with your mind.
And the worse part is YOU pay for all of it ! How is that for a cherry on top ?


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