Video: The Day of Democratic Shame. The Berlin November 18 Rally against The Lockdown. Police Repression

18.11.2020 – Tag der demokratischen Schande – Die etwas andere Perspektive.

Police repression is being routinely carried out in response to Germany’s Infection Protection Law which denies fundamental rights to oppose the Merkel government’s lockdown policies, which have triggered unemployment and poverty throughout the country.  

“Anti-lockdown protesters have compared the Infection Protection Law, proposed by Angela Merkel’s government, to the law that paved the way for Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship in 1933”.

In Germany, people are being arrested for challenging the Lockdown political consensus.  

The Government claims that the new legislation is there to “protect the population in the event of an epidemic situation of national importance’. Nonsense. It is there to sustain the interests of the financial establishment. 

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