Video: Say No To World War III. Abolish NATO. Michel Chossudovsky

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In this interview Michel Chossudovsky explains why A US- NATO war against the Russian Federation is an impossibility.

As part of it’s “Special Operation”, Russia launched “precision” attacks against Ukrainian military installations, which commenced hours prior to President Putin’s February 24, 2022 TV address.

From one week to the next, Ukraine was without a Navy and without an Air Force, destroyed at the outset in late February, early March 2022.

The war was lost by Ukraine before it started.

The interview also  focusses on another strategic issue, which has not been addressed by military analysts. 

There are unspoken divisions with NATO. Turkey is both a “NATO Heavyweight” as well as  a firm ally of the Russia Federation. 

You cannot win a war against Russia when the second largest military power member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is “sleeping with the enemy”. 

A fractured NATO cannot under any circumstances wage war on Russia when its military heavyweight on the Southern coastline of the Black Sea is “Sleeping with the Enemy”, i.e. collaborating with Moscow coupled with a close personal relationship between Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Vladimir Putin. 

What this means is that under present conditions a US-NATO war against Russia is an impossibility.  


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