Van Jones: Michelle Obama Was ‘Beautiful’–Her Speech Was an ‘Extraordinary Moment’ in American Life

Monday on CNN, political analyst for the network Van Jones heaped praise on former first lady Michelle Obama’s speech closing the first night of the Democratic convention.

Jones said, “It was an extraordinary speech. She’s beautiful. It was so beautiful. You know, she wasn’t just putting the president down, she was trying to pick the country up. She was speaking like a lot of moms across this country. You know, the heartbreak was there, the hope was there. You know, when she talks about Joe knows the anguish of sitting at a table with an empty chair, I mean, that goes deep. She was bringing something forward in the country that just hasn’t been here for a long time.”

He added, “She talks about what the young people are seeing on their phones, seeing all these shootings, seeing all this disrespect, and the young people are beginning to give up on the country. So you’re seeing one of the most effective communicators in American life putting it all on the table, and it wasn’t just putting the president down. And the other thing is she talked about empathy. She wasn’t just siding that to Biden. She says, we all have empathy. That’s a feature of this country. I was just blown away by what she did, and she was building on the incredible performance of a lot of other people, but that was an extraordinary moment, I think, in American life, what she just did for this country.”

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