Vaccine mandates? Get knotted


I have a friend who has not been vaccinated.  He was advised by his doctor not to have the jab.  He suffers from Parkinson’s disease and a number of other significant ailments, including almost constant migraines.  Nonetheless, whenever I catch up with him, he is invariably cheerful.  His claim to fame is that he invented the phrase ‘get knotted’, which unfortunately you don’t hear that much anymore.  Apparently, he and a group of work colleagues in Britain had a game to invent phrases, use them frequently in public and see if any of them caught on.  ‘Get knotted’ did. 

Anyway, his wife is a very intelligent, very well-read former teacher and she is not vaccinated either.  For much of her life she has studied diet and dietary supplements as a principal way of maintaining good health.  That is not to say she eschews traditional medicine.   She has studied the Covid 19 vaccines in great detail and has decided that there are too many unanswered questions for her to feel comfortable taking any of the vaccines at this stage.  A red flag for her was Morrison’s announcement of an indemnity scheme under which health practitioners who are found liable to pay compensation for any serious adverse events suffered by people receiving COVID vaccines, will have the compensation paid for them by the Commonwealth.   She regards these vaccines as still experimental.  But she is barred from entering any premise other than essential services until 15 Dec in NSW.  If she lived in Victoria she would be an outcast until some unspecified future date. 



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