US Election Result Could Spark ‘End of Brexit’, Claims Peer

Labour peer and political commentator Andrew Adonis has claimed that the US election result next week could spark the “end of Brexit”.

Lord Adonis, a TNE contributor, provoked a debate after pointing out that if Donald Trump fails to make it back into the White House it could cause a domino effect with populist politicians – including Boris Johnson and his aide Dominic Cummings.

Adonis wrote: “The most important thing that will happen in British politics this year is next Tuesday’s American election.

“The end of Trump is the beginning of the end of Johnson and Cummings and Brexit.”

It comes after leading Brexit voices – including Piers Morgan – acknowledged that only a Trump win would be best for ensuring a Brexit deal with America.

Numerous reports have hinted Johnson will resign in six months, along with his political aide Cummings.

Voices in Johnson’s government have already started to row back on their comments about America, as they “frantically” reposition themselves for a change of administration.

Paul Duncan tweeted in agreement of Adonis’ comments. He wrote:

“My sentiments exactly. Expect a softer Brexit trade agreement if Biden wins, disguised of course as a massive victory for the UK”.

Laura Harrison McBride replied:

“I’ve been saying that for months. Fascists need company, because they are so mentally and emotionally weak. I’m praying like mad for Trump to lose in a landslide, so it will be over.”

Brexiteer John Scotting also found himself in agreement, but was not celebrating the suggestion.

“This is why a transition period taking us until AFTER the US election was a horrendous error. If/when the anti-UK Democrats get in, I expect Boris to cave and we’ll be back on the road to Rejoin.”

Although others were more sceptical.

Chris Painter wrote:

“I really hope that’s true, although you can’t end brexit – it’s already happened.”

Aidan McQuade commented:

“I fear the U.K. has many more years of abject humiliation ahead of itself irrespective of what happens next Tuesday”.

Another commented:

“Let’s not count our chickens, I have everything crossed, but then who’d have thought the Conservatives would get an 80 seat majority?”


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