URGENT: Make IVERMECTIN Available and Let’s Get Back to “Normal”

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by RWA

AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENTS: Federal, State, and Shadow, to The Media and to Australian Citizens

1.   This open letter is to the Australian Federal Government and various Australian State Governments, collectively referred to herein as “the Government”. It is also to the Australian Shadow Government, to the Australian media, and to every Australian citizen, especially those Australians who are of voting age and those who are approaching that age.


2.   To the Government, this open letter presents an ultimatum. The ultimatum involves a critical yet simple Government decision; a decision which is so profound that it could affect the very future of Australia itself and threaten the future tenure of the Government.

3.   The Government decision will determine whether Australia’s Senior Citizens will continue dying at an appalling rate from COVID-19 infection, whether the mental health and general well being of many Australian citizens will continue its startling decline, and whether the Australian economy will continue its alarming downward spiral.

4.   The Government will soon be presented with a basic challenge by irate and distressed members of the Australian community who blame the Government for the loss of their businesses, jobs, and income, the loss of their homes, the loss of their sanity, the loss of their freedom, the loss of their beloved grandparents, the loss of virtually everything that is dear to them. The Australian citizens who are the victims of these many ordeals believe that the Government is the transgressor of their suffering due to a lack of any meaningful action by the Government, action intended to reduce and ultimately to remove the detested, devastating, and unnecessarily restrictive Lockdowns and associated procedures.

5.   Redemption and retribution for this lack of any meaningful action in the past will come in the form of one or more class actions citing the Government as the transgressor. This is not just a threat. These class actions are being prepared at this very moment.

6.   It is too late for the Government to avoid the current class actions. However, should the Government adopt a sensible and mature attitude and accept that it is ultimately culpable in this regard, as any reasonable Australian citizen would expect, then it should seek to avoid any further class action due to its lack of any meaningful action in the future. As a result, the Government will need to initiate IMMEDIATE action to positively control further infection of the Australian population by the Coronavirus, thereby enabling the IMMEDIATE reduction and ultimately the removal of the Lockdowns and associated devastating procedures.

7.   To date, the only means by which the Government has claimed it will be able to positively control COVID-19 is with the release of a vaccine. That will not occur until 2021 at the earliest. 2022 has even been recently suggested by an expert. In the meantime, infected Senior deaths will continue, as will the Lockdowns and their associated destructive consequences on Australia’s population and its economy. Further negative consequences of the Lockdowns are likely to become apparent as a turn against the current Government, in the results of any future Federal or State elections.


8.   There is a crucial need for the Government to identify some form of medication to act as a temporary substitute for the COVID-19 vaccination during the extended period of its development and eventual release. The only medication that is IMMEDIATELY available and which has recently accumulated many off-label credentials indicating enormous success in combatting COVID-19 is IVERMECTIN.

9.   After considerable study of the facts associated with IVERMECTIN, I am convinced that it will act as a most effective and successful temporary substitute for the COVID-19 vaccination. I therefore earnestly commend it to the Government. IVERMECTIN is not only highly efficacious in combatting COVID-19; it is cheap and abundantly safe, unlike Hydroxychloroquine which has some dangerous side-effects! For more information regarding the panacea-like attributes of IVERMECTIN, see my document: “IVERMECTIN: RISK VERSUS REWARD.”

10.   I suggest that there is now an urgent need for the Government to IMMEDIATELY make IVERMECTIN readily available to any Australian citizen who is infected with the Coronavirus, with Senior Citizens taking priority. Following that, I suggest that the Government should IMMEDIATELY make IVERMECTIN readily available to front-line medical staff, then to healthcare workers and carers, then to community support staff like police officers and the staff of critical industries and businesses. Finally, I suggest that IVERMECTIN should be made readily available to the rest of the Australian population.

11.   I appeal to the Government and any other relevant authority to IMMEDIATELY initiate the suggested actions.

12.   I appeal to the media, to the shadow Government, and to any other entity that is able to put pressure on the Government. I appeal to you to apply that pressure with the intention of forcing the Government to IMMEDIATELY initiate the suggested actions.

13.   Finally, I appeal to every Australian citizen, especially those of voting age and those who are approaching that age, to contact their local politician or similar entity and to have them pressure the Government to IMMEDIATELY initiate the suggested actions.

14.   The future of Australia depends on everyone’s actions in this regard! It is vital that we all act accordingly, or we are doomed to a future full of uncertainty and distress.


Please feel free to contact me. I am available for discussion on any associated matter.



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