UPDATE — CFP now working correctly on all major search engines — Reminder, never click the ‘BREAKING’ link…

Posted by Kane on October 31, 2020 8:36 pm


Citizen Free Press is finally working correctly on all major search engines.

Bing has updated their search results, which means DuckDuckGo is also finally showing correct results. Google is also showing the correct link at the top.

I set a redirect 48 hours ago, so if you click on the ‘breaking’ link from a search engine, you are then routed to the homepage. As a reminder, the ‘breaking’ page is NOT the homepage. Stop using it and it will disappear completely from search results.

I have been working on the problem for the past 5 days, and especially the past 48 hours, which is why site updates were less frequent. Everything should be working correctly now, and site updates will return to the frenetic pace of the past.


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