Unvaccinated parents BANNED from seeing their own sick kids

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Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has announced a new Covid health order that will ban unvaccinated parents from seeing their sick children in hospital. The rule comes into place on January 31.

There is the possibility of obtaining an ‘exemption’, but the chances are tiny leaving most unvaccinated parents without access to their own children. Such exemptions would be assessed on a case-by-case basis, according to a government spokesperson.

McGowan has hinted that these excessive restrictions on unvaccinated people could remain in place for many years. This comes shortly after the premier indefinitely delayed the re-opening of the Western Australia border (except to international students).

The new measure forms part of McGowan’s self-declared ‘broadest vaccine passport measures’ that locks unvaccinated citizens out of almost every part of life – including the public spaces which their taxes pay for.

McGowan proudly announced that he would make life ‘very hard’ for the unvaccinated.

They [the unvaccinated] won’t be able to go to the football, they won’t be able to work in a whole range of industries. They won’t be able to go to concerts, restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, fitness centres, gyms – all those things will be restricted. Life is about to get very difficult for you… it’s a big encouragement to go and get yourself vaccinated,” said the premier.

Most reasonable people would call that a threat, not encouragement.

Hospitals are deemed a ‘high risk’ location covered under the premier’s general health order that forbids unvaccinated people entry to a wide range of locations.

Entry into a hospital or RACF by unvaccinated individuals (in those jurisdictions) is prohibited unless an exemption is in place or permitted under compassionate grounds, such as visiting a family member during the terminal phase of their life. In situations where visitation is permitted by unvaccinated individuals, additional risk mitigation precautions are required to be met by the individual,” said Dr Andy Robertson.

Given the data coming out of New South Wales and Victoria – not to mention the rest of the world including 100% vaccinated Israel – it can be stated categorically that being fully vaccinated and boosted against Covid does not stop the spread of Omicron while banning unvaccinated people from these locations does not prevent Covid from entering them.

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