Two day health conference focuses on empowerment and democracy

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The United Health Conference took place on February 4-5 at Toronto’s Sheraton Centre and included a wide range of speakers from various walks of life.

It was put on by a peer networking group called Justice for the Vaccinated, whose aim is to help COVID-19 vaccine-injured people connect with support and find healing, instead of gaslighting and dismissal.

One thing that all speakers had in common was that they questioned the incessant COVID programming from very early on.

From the neuro-linguistic programming that nudged people to comply with stay-at-home orders — with isolation being a key component of the re-programming — to the “safe and effective” mantra that rolled out soon thereafter, many were already questioning government and public health objectives.

Speakers included (former) nurses Sarah Choujounian and Kristen Nagle from Canadian Frontline Nurses.

“For me, we’ve been talking about the same thing for the last three years; we know the harms, we know the narrative, we know what’s happened but what are we going to do about it and how are we going to move forward?” says Nagle.

“I was looking forward to talking about my journey in natural health, nutrition, plant medicine, how to make your own herbal first aid kits and home remedies to start shifting the focus to the things we can do at home and be more preventative.”

Choujounian says the focus now is on creating. “We’re here to share the new health paradigm that will connect communities to care. We don’t believe in the patient-care mentality, we believe that people are active participants [in their health].”

Vincent Gircys, retired OPP and forensic reconstructionist whose 32-year career depended on uncovering truth before drawing conclusions, spoke on the health of the justice system. “My contribution is on the health of our justice system, the health of our democracy, the health of sovereignty of the induvial and the country itself. I think it’s imperative that we talk about truth because without it we don’t have democracy and we don’t have justice” he says.

Epidemiologist and former Trump senior advisor Paul Elias Alexander reiterated how the government response caused more harm than good with faulty public health measures that were never based on science or evidence of efficacy. 

Amanda Forbes, representing Children’s Health Defense Canada, discussed how her father suffered nine strokes after his second Pfizer injection. While she is no stranger to vaccine adverse events, having a daughter that was injured by routine childhood vaccines several years ago, she says that medical freedom is imperative.

Lawyer Michael Alexander, who represents various doctors facing reprimand from their regulator (the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) for not following COVID-related recommendations, says that they are beginning to focus [legal] efforts on patients suffering from COVID injection harms in hopes of bringing it to the attention of the public.

The weekend wrapped with a showing of the documentary VAXXEDII and a list of additional speakers including those who have been injured by COVID-19 injections presented.

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