Tucker Carlson opening statement…

Way to go Kirstie .

I’m for Pr #Trump #BlackIrishRappersForTrump
Hey New Jersey the lone Trump guy with the sign in the rain on Route 17 Mahwah was this 69 year old bad ass 0311 Marine Oh
BTW I’m a talented singer too . No one covered my Parade I’m going to cry SemperFi Antifa BLM maggots
Beginning Lyrics of My original song The Working Man’s President

He’ll give U a helping hand if you need it he must be heaven sent
Thanks Lord for giving us the Pres Trump the Working Mans President

He’s rather get you a high paying job so you can buy a house give to charity or pay the rent
1 more term+ he’ll drain the swamp the Working Mans President

Obama’s Shovel ready jobs helped green deal scams pals not Black and Hispanic employment
Potus made them the greatest ever before the Virus he’s the Working mans President

Maskless Pelosi wants to put her hair salon owner who she lied about in a San Fran Tent
Potus wants to stop crazy Nancy from getting her Homeless he’s the working woman’s President

At https://youtu.be/HE69ptSePGw


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