Trump’s Message of ‘Peace and Prosperity,’ Contrasts Joe Biden’s Warning of ‘Dark Winter’

October 30, 2020

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“Four years ago, Americans elected me president to go to Washington, drain the swamp, and produce real results for them. Now they have a choice: continue the record of prosperity that my administration delivered or return to the old Washington status quo, where Beltway insiders enriched themselves at the expense of hardworking Americans across the country,” President Trump wrote in an op-ed.

“My administration has delivered safety, prosperity, and opportunity for all Americans by keeping our promises and implementing an America First agenda to support working people and their families over the past four years,”

“The largest threat to our great American comeback is a Joe Biden presidency. Biden is running on a platform that would destroy all our economic progress. Biden has already failed at leading an economic recovery once when he presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression when he was vice president,” continued President Trump. “Now he’s campaigning on a $4 trillion tax hike — one of the largest in American history — just as the economy begins to recover from a global pandemic.”

Click here to read full op-ed on Fox Wilmington.



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