Trump’s MAGA Army…

Anybody that would down vote this would be the same type that passes that note to the opposing forces and or enemy for future use at oppression. Nice going commie pinko soyboy gender masher.

en·​e·​my | \ ˈe-nə-mē \
plural enemies
Definition of enemy

1 : one that is antagonistic to another
especially : one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent
2 : something harmful or deadly
alcohol was his greatest enemy
3a : a military adversary
b : a hostile unit or force

col·​lab·​o·​ra·​tor | \ kə-ˈla-bə-ˌrā-tər \
Definition of collaborator

: a person who collaborates with another: such as
a : someone who works with another person or group
With our students and collaborators, we have developed … a tool that couples a video camera with specialized computation.
— Frédo Durand et al.
b : someone who assists an enemy (such as an invader or part of an occupying force)
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