Trumpers shut down 5th Avenue…

Posted by Kane on October 5, 2020 3:32 am


Trump supporters close 5th Ave to support the President with pride

A caravan of more than 100 vehicles driven by out-of-town Trump supporters brought Fifth Avenue to a halt early Sunday — the latest show of support for the coronavirus-stricken president.

The long line of cars, trucks and motorcycles had mostly driven into the city from Long Island — grinding traffic to halt for at least 30 minutes as they arrived to loudly cheer for the president outside his Trump Tower home.

The noise stopped for at least a moment as the group called for a moment of silence to send a prayer.

“This is a serious situation — the leader of the free world is sick. The leader of the free world needs our support,” an organizer said over a loudspeaker, asking those gathered to “send some good energy to President Trump.” After the silence, he shouted “President Trump, we love you!” — before leading the group in chants of, “USA! USA!”

There were no arrests for blocking traffic — despite police cracking down on Black Lives Matter protestors and anti-eviction advocates for blocking traffic in recent weeks.

“There were a lot of cops but there was no trouble,” said a local security guard, who estimated she saw the caravan blocking Fifth Avenue almost 10 blocks from 54th to around 62nd Street. “It was peaceful, no stress. Nobody was hassling anybody,” she said of the loud show of support.

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